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Netskope Help

Activities Monitored by Netskope

Once you have successfully set up the app instance, Netskope can start monitoring activities on your SaaS environment. Here is a list of activities Netskope can monitor:


Activities Monitored

Citrix ShareFile

Events to trigger DLP scan:

  • New file upload.

  • New folder creation.

Events to trigger alert:

  • New group creation.

  • New user creation.


Commits pushed to a repository.


  • Netskope does not scan repositories outside the GitHub organization.

  • Netskope does not scan binary files due to GitHub API limitations downloading the content.

Microsoft Yammer

New Yammer message content.


Events to trigger DLP scan:

  • New file upload.

  • Make a copy of a file.

  • Replace a content of a file.


Netskope relies on the polling mechanism to monitor the changes of a file. API polling occurs in intervals. If a file is deleted immediately after being created, the file may not be detected due to the polling interval delay.


Events to trigger a DLP scan:

  • New/updated private chat messages sent from internal user that have external participants.

  • New/updated channel messages sent from an internal user that have an external user or are public to the organization.

In both the case above, DLP scan applies to message content only.