Add an App Instance

Add an App Instance

This endpoint adds a new app instance. Size limit is 500 app instances max per request with the rate limit of one request every 10 minutes.

Request Endpoint

POST https://<tenant-URL>/api/v1/app_instances?token=<token>&op=add

Valid parameters are:

opstringadd | update | delete | listRequired. Operation performed.
Amazon Web Services | Amazon S3 | Amazon EC2 | Amazon DynamoDB | Microsoft Azure | Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint Sites | Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business | Box | Slack 
Required. Name of the application. 
instance_idstringEx: 123451234512Required. For AWS, use the account ID. For Azure, use the Subscription. For GCP, use the Project.

For information on creating instance ID for your apps, see this article in the Netskope support page.

instance_namestringEx: "MYAWS_GOSKOPE"Required. Must be a unique name.


Name should be unique within app + instance_id or app + instance_name.

Cannot be blank.

tagsarray of one string, or an empty arraySanctioned | Unsanctioned | <blank>Optional.

Example Add App Instance Request

POST 'https://<tenant-URL>/api/v1/app_instances?token=<token>&op=add' 
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' 
--data-raw '{
   { "instances":[
"instance_id": "netskope",
"app":"Amazon S3",
"instance_id": "123451234512",
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Add an App Instance

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