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Netskope Help

Add Azure Active Directory Users to the Defined Application and Assign Roles
  1. Go back to the Azure AD portal and select Users and groups.

  2. Click Add user.

  3. Click Users and groups and select a user to assign to the application.

  4. Click Select Role and then select a Role. If you have not defined custom roles, then you can select User and all users will be assigned the role you specified in Step 17a. Click Assign after you have selected a role.

  5. If you have configured the attributed admin-role to a specific role as outlined in Step 17a of Configure an Enterprise Application in Microsoft Azure Active Directory using SAML section, then SSO should be working. To test, go to https://<yourtenantname>

    If you want specific role attributes per user, proceed to the Define Custom Roles for Azure Active Directory Enterprise Application.