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Netskope Help

Advanced Analytics Overview Page

The Advanced Analytics Overview page helps you easily access recent dashboards and relevant insights. Coupled with the powerful user interaction pages with the dashboard library and personal / group folders, this greatly reduces the effort required to set up Netskope Advanced Analytics on day-zero and readily allows you to benefit from Netskope Advanced Analytics insights.

  1. Persona Profiles

    1. Each persona profile has an associated dashboard, tagged with the selected persona; these dashboards are selected from the Netskope Library. The dashboard preview area only shows a subset of the widgets. This is also view-only; to perform actions such as edit, schedule, download, etc. navigate to the Netskope Library and locate the copy.

    2. Dropdown options include ‘Set as default view’ and ‘Hide suggested’.

    3. Available Persona profiles:

      Security Leader

      Security Manager

      Security Architect

      Security Ops Analyst

      Network Admin

  2. Suggested Dashboards

    1. Other dashboards with the same tags as the currently selected profile dashboard.

    2. View All - shows pop-up window of entire Netskope Library dashboard collection.

  3. Recently Accessed Dashboards

    1. Dashboards recently accessed by all users in your account.

    2. Includes dashboards saved in the Group folder, and Netskope Library (excludes any dashboards saved in the personal dashboards).

    3. This list of dashboards can be viewed in either tile or list format.