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Advanced File Scanning (Beta)


This feature is in Beta currently. Contact your Sales Representative or Support to enable this feature.

You can enable Advanced File Scanning, also known as Large File Support (LFS), for files exceeding the default size when analyzed by DLP, Threat Protection, or File Profile. This will allow you to modify file size limitations and timeout values.

By enabling Advanced File Scanning, you are allowing Netskope to temporarily store large files as specified in the Netskope Master Service Agreement (MSA).


Data Trickling: Sends small amount of data to the client or server while the file is being processed. This will prevent a connection reset due to a request timeout from client or server, while the file is being processed

Enable Advanced File Scanning
  • To enable Advanced File Scanning, go to Settings > Manage > Advanced File Scanning and click the enable checkbox.


1. Click Edit.

2. Select between the DLP, Threat Protection, and File Profile tabs.

3. Select your File Size limit (MB).

4. Enter a value for timeout in seconds.

5. Select your Fallback action with by clicking EDIT. Choose between Allow, Alert or Block.