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API Data Protection Features

Here's a list of some primary API Data Protection features.



File Details

Track files by name, size, file type, sharing settings, users shared with, date created, date edited, 3rd-party apps, audit trail, version history, and violations.


Locate files by file name, file owner, file content, file type, file size, violation, date created, date edited, and external users.


Monitor users by files per user, violating files per users, files per external user, violating files per external user, 3rd-party apps per user, user location, storage capacity usage, activities, and anomalies.


Notify users and admins of policy violations.

Email Templates

Create custom email templates for owners, admins, collaborators, and users.

Restrict Access

Remove public sharing on files and folders.

Change Ownership

Designate owners of files and folders.


Use industry leading data loss prevention (DLP) by proximity analysis, MIME type, file type, file size, custom regular expressions, and file sizes up to 128 MB.


Manage file ownership, sharing permissions, file encryption, end-user notification, and automated policy.


Encrypt a file when it's moved to a quarantine folder to review and take action (allow the file to be uploaded or block the file from being uploaded).


Quarantine files if a user uploads a document that triggers a policy violation.

Legal Hold

Preserve all forms of relevant information for legal purposes when litigation is anticipated.