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Netskope Help

API Documentation

If you want to test the API, the documentation is available inside the Cloud Exchange interface at (Help > API Docs): https://<Cloud Exchange IP>/api/docs#/Indicators. In particular,the following endpoints are relevant:

GET /api/cte/indicators/: List the Indicators.

POST /api/cte/indicators/: Insert/update multiple indicators.

PATCH /api/cte/indicators/: Update a single indicator.

GET /api/cte/dashboards/: Get aggregated results from indicators.

DELETE /api/cte/indicators/bulk: Bulk delete indicators.

PATCH /api/cte/indicators/bulk: Bulk update indicators.

GET /api/cte/tags: Get configured tags from tenant

POST /api/cte/tags: Create new tags (globally)

DELETE /api/cte/tags: Delete tags (globally)