Netskope Cloud Exchange

Audit Logs

An Admin and User can view and search audit logs. Audit logs track significant events that occur during the operation of Netskope CE. Logs provide important information for troubleshooting if any abnormal behaviors and errors occur. Audit logs can be searched through in the CE UI, and you can export the logs to the local system.

  1. Click Audit in the left nav.

  2. Logs entries are displayed. By Default, log entries are sorted in descending order of occurrence.

  3. Filters can be set to search for specific log entries. The filter parameters are listed below:



    Filter operators

    Created At

    Time at which log is created.

    !=, <, >, >=


    Log type (info, warning, error).

    any in, not in operator (Multiselect)


    Log message.

    Is equal and contains (Regex also supported).

You can also export the logs by clicking Export. Existing data (filtered and sorted) data will be exported to the cte.log file.