Netskope Help

Backup Cloud Exchange

To save the configuration present in the Cloud Exchange (like plugin settings, Netskope tenant settings, etc) and backup the data that is in each module (IoCs in Threat Exchange, tickets info in Ticket Orchestrator, actions taken in Risk Exchange, etc.), perform the following steps.

In the Current VM

Run the following commands from the ta_cloud_exchange folder.

  1. sudo ./stop

  2. Take a backup for the .env file that is available inside ta_cloud_exchange (the command to check for the file ls -a).

  3. Take a backup of the ta_cloud_exchange/data folder.

In the New VM

Run the following commands.

  1. mkdir netskope

  2. cd netskope

  3. git clone GitHub - netskopeoss/ta_cloud_exchange

  4. cd ta_cloud_exchange

  5. Rename the existing data folder with this command : mv data data_BKP

  6. Place the backup data folder that you created here.

  7. Run sudo ./setup.

  8. Compare the .env file with backup file you created.

  9. Run sudo ./start.

  10. Run sudo docker-compose ps to check that all containers are up.