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Netskope Help

Behavior Analytics Policies

Netskope's Behavior Analytics Policies support multiple types of user activity detection, including Rule-based and Machine Learning Based (ML Based) detection engines.

To access the Behavior Analytics summary page, go to Policies > Behavior Analytics. The default view shows the Rule-Based tab view.

There are two Behavior Analytics Policy pages:

  • Rule-Based: There are nine default Rule-Based policies. In addition, you can create custom rule-based policies.

    • Bulk Delete

    • Bulk Download

    • Bulk Failed Log ins

    • Bulk Upload

    • Proximity

    • Rare Event

    • Risky Countries

    • Shared Credentials

    • Suspicious Data Movement

  • ML Based: There is one default ML Based policy:

    • Machine Learning Model

Click the tabs to view the Rule-Based and ML Based Policies details.