Netskope Private Access User Guide

Change Publishers for Private Apps

After assigning private apps to specific Publishers, you can change one or more Publishers simultaneously. The Private Apps page enables you to change private apps assignments in bulk. For example:

  • Change one or more publishers for private apps.

  • Quickly migrate existing private apps to a new publisher.

  • Disconnect private apps before deleting a publisher.

To change publishers for private apps:

  1. Go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > App Definition > Private Apps.

  2. Select one or more private app check boxes and click Change Publishers.

  3. The selected private apps are shown in the Bulk Change Publisher dialog box. Click in the Publisher text field and select one or more publisher in the dropdown list, and then click Save.


In addition to changing publishers for private apps, this page enables you to delete one or more private apps. Select one or more private app check boxes, and click Delete, and then click Delete again to confirm. If the private app being deleted is specified in a policy, a message box informs you of this factor and you'll need to remove it from the policy in order to delete the private app.