Netskope Help

Cisco Umbrella with the Netskope Client

If you're currently using Cisco Umbrella in your organization, you might have experienced some issues when running Netskope and Cisco Umbrella together.  This document explains how to implement three steps to ensure smooth interoperability between the two solutions.

This document was created using the following components:

  • Netskope Client v.

  • Umbrella Roaming Client v.2.2.580.0

  • Cisco AnyConnect (v.4.10.01075) w/Latest Umbrella Roaming Module as of 6/1/2021

To integrate Cisco Umbrella with the Netskope Client:

  1. Create an Umbrella IP Bypass List in Netskope

  2. Bypass Umbrella Processes for Umbrella DNS-based protection

  3. Enable the Perform Server Name Indication (SNI) Check in Netskope