Cisco Webex Users Page

Cisco Webex Users Page

The Users page displays a list of users whose messages triggered policy violations.


You can refresh the page by clicking the refresh icon beside the instance name of the app.

The Users page displays a table with the following fields:

  • User Name: Email address of the user.


    To search users in a domain, use the * wildcard. For example, to search for users in the domain, enter *

  • User Type: The type of user. They are internal or external.
  • Full Name: Full name of the user.
  • # Teams: Number of teams the user belongs to.
  • # Spaces: Number of spaces the user belongs to.
  • # Messages with Violations: Number of messages with violations for the user.

The Users page allows you to search for specific users using filters. To use the search filters, click + Add Filter to apply one or more of these filters:

  • User Name: Filter based on the email address of the user.
  • Full Name: Filter based on the full name of the user.
  • Space Name: Filter users associated with a space.
  • Team Name: Filter users associated with a team.
  • User Type: Filter users based on whether they are internal or external.
  • Has DLP Violations: Filter users if they have any DLP violation.

Based on the filter used, a list of users are displayed in the table. To view complete details about the user, click on an item to open the User Details summary.

This page also allows you to export the contents of the table. Click Export to download a spreadsheet file. On the Export window, you can select the columns and rows, name the export file, and click Export.

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Cisco Webex Users Page

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