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Netskope Help


You can configure the third party integrations from your environment in Netskope IoT Security for device context integration and remediation integration for policy control and management. You can do so by integrating NAC or firewall from your environment.

Supported Remediation Integration Configurations
  1. NAC

    • Aruba Clearpass

    • Cisco Meraki

    • Cisco ISE

    • FortiNAC

    • Juniper ATP

    • Mist

  2. Firewall

    • Juniper Networks

    • Palo Alto Networks

Create a New Configuration
  1. Navigate to the Manage > Configurations menu.

  2. Give a unique name to the integration configuration.

  3. Add a description.

  4. Choose the type you want to integrate with from NAC or firewall.

  5. Choose a supported vendor from the dropdown list.

  6. Provide a valid host IP address or a domain name to connect to the network.

  7. Choose an authentication method:

    • Username/password - provide the credentials for configuration.

    • Token - provide a token for configuration.

  8. Choose a connection method to be HTTP or HTTPS.

  9. Select the appliance site in the environment from the dropdown list.

  10. Optionally, you can add extra key-value pair parameters to pass to this configuration.

  11. Click Create Configuration button.



    Click the Cancel button to forbid the action.

Modify Existing Configuration

You can edit, enable, disable and delete the existing integrations. Follow the procedure to edit the integration:

  1. Navigate to the Manage > Configurations menu.

  2. Select the integration configuration you want to modify from the right side window. You will see a Edit configuration <name> window.

  3. You can edit all the fields.

  4. Click Save Configurations button.



Click the Test button to test the configuration status.