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Netskope Help

Configure Managed Apps for Per-App VPN

These steps are for configuring Per-App VPN. Skip this section if you are using On-Demand VPN.

By default all Netskope tenants are set to On-Demand VPN. If you want to use Per-App VPN, contact your sales rep, professional services rep, customer success manager, or Support to have Per-App VPN enabled.

To configure managed apps for Per-App VPN:

  1. In the AirWatch Console, go to Apps & Books > Applications > Native.

  2. Select the Public tab and click Add Application.

  3. Select Apple iOS from the Platform dropdown list, select Search App Store, enter an app name (like Box) for Name, and then click Next

  4. In the Search box opens, select the app you want. When the Add Application box opens, click Save & Assign.

  5. In the Update Assignment box, click Add Assignment.

  6. Select the Assignment Group from the dropdown list, enable App Tunneling, and then select the Per-App profile you created from the Per-App VPN Profile dropdown list.

  7. Click Save & Publish.