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Configure Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for API Data Protection
API Data Protection API Connectors

Netskope API Data Protection works by directly connecting to the cloud app using the APIs published by the app, and uses OAuth to gain delegated access to the app.

Netskope's API Data Protection provides a complementary deployment model to provide cloud visibility, policy, and data security services by directly connecting to the cloud service using the APIs published by the cloud services. The API Connector works in conjunction with the Netskope cloud proxy to provide defense-in-depth security services. The API Connector is only available for data security related services such as DLP, Active Encryption, and Active Permissions Management.


To use API Data Protection with Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive, first you need to connect Netskope to your Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive app with APIs. The following sections explain how the API connectors work and how to configure the connection.