Netskope Help

Configure MobileIron Cloud for Android

To use Android Managed Configurations in MobileIron Cloud, first set up Android for Work in Google. After Android for Work is configured, copy the MDM token from and .json file generated from When you have these, follow these instructions.

To configure Android Managed Configurations in MobileIron Cloud:

  1. Log in to your MobileIron Cloud Admin Portal.

  2. Click Admin in the top menu bar, and then click Android Enterprise in the left nav panel.

  3. In the Android Enterprise window:

    1. Enter the MDM token generated from

    2. Enter the domain for your google account.

    3. Upload the .json file from

  4. Click Connect, and then authorize the G Suite account.

  5. Click Users in the top menu bar, and then click + Add > Single User.

  6. Create a new user with the domain used for Android Enterprise above, and then enable Google Sync for the user.

  7. Click Apps.

  8. On the App Catalog page, click Add+.

  9. Enter Netskope in the Find Apps field.

  10. Select Netskope Cloud Director, and then enter these values:

    • User Email Address: ${userEmailAddress}

    • Host: addon-<tenant hostname>

    • Token: <OrgKey>. Use the Organization ID from the VPN Configuration section in the Netskope UI for the OrgKey value (Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Netskope Client > MDM Distribution).

  11. Click Done and then click Publish.