Netskope Help

Configure Netskope IPSec

To integrate Netskope IPSec with Fortigate, create a IPsec tunnel in your Netskope tenant.

  1. Go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > IPSec and click Add New Tunnel.

  2. Enter a unique tunnel name.

  3. (Optional) Enter the source IP address.

  4. Enter the source identity, which can be an IP address, FQDN, or email address.

  5. Select the Primary and Failover Netskope POPs from the dropdown lists. Select POPs nearest to your location.

  6. Enter your pre-shared key.

  7. Select an encryption cipher type from the dropdown list.

  8. Select the maximum bandwidth for the tunnel from the dropdown list.

  9. When finished, click Add.


Some Useful Debug Commands

Below are some commands that can be useful when completing the configuration.

How to debug an IPSec connection:


How to get router info routing-table all:


How to get an IPSec tunnel summary:


How to get IPSec like gateway:


How to diagnose a sniffer packet on any port 443 4 0 a: