Netskope Help

Configure Netskope IPSec
  1. Login to the Netskope UI and go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Traffic Steering > IPSec.

  2. Click Add New Tunnel.

  3. Enter the required settings:

    1. Tunnel Name: This value is required, however the value is arbitrary

    2. Source Identity: This source identity value needs to match the Local Auth IP Identifier in Versa.

    3. Pre-Shared Key: This value must match the PSK defined in Versa.

    4. Encryption Cipher: This cipher must match that defined above within the VOS configuration in Versa.


      The Primary and Failover POPs shown are there for reference only in order to get the information required to configure the VOS side of the tunnel destination. Netskope replicates this configuration globally to each POP.

  4. Click Add.


After a few minutes, the tunnel will report as UP (green up arrow). Click on the tunnel in the UI to see a details of the tunnel configuration.