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Netskope Help

Configure Network Destinations per Interface

You can route DNS, SNMP, and RADIUS traffic destined for a specific server IP or network to the management plane of a virtual appliance.

To configure network destinations per interface:

  1. Access the appliance using ssh.

  2. Log in using the nsadmin/nsappliance credentials. An nsshell opens.

  3. Enter the command nsshell.

  4. Enter configure to enter the nsshell configure mode.

  5. Enter add interface mp destination-networks.

  6. Enter set interface mp destination-networks 0 network <IP address>.

  7. Enter show interface mp, which should return:

      "gw": "<gateway>",
      "ip": "<IP address>",
      "netmask": "<subnet>",
      "destination-networks": [
          "network": "<mp IP address>"
  8. Enter save to activate your changes.

  9. Enter exit to leave the configure mode.

  10. Enter exit to leave the nsshell and exit the appliance console.