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Netskope Help

Configure the API Source Plugin

To enable the API Source plugin, in Cloud Exchange go to Settings > Plugins and click on API Source (CTE). Once configured this will enable the API interface to manage the Indicators of Compromise.

Enter these parameters:

  • Configuration Name: this parameter is used not only to provide a name for the configuration, but it is also a mandatory parameter that must be provided in the source field of the POST request to the API endpoint used to create an IoC entry (/api/cte/indicators/).

  • Aging Criteria: Set the expiration time (in days) for the indicator.

  • Override Reputation: Set whether to override the reputation of the indicators received from this configuration. Set 0 to keep the default.

  • Enable SSL Verification: Set whether to check the certificate of the SSL connection used to exchange the IoCs.

  • Use System Proxy: set this parameter if you have configured a proxy for the Cloud Exchange and you want this plugin to use the same proxy.


When finished, click Save. After saving the configuration, you will see this plugin under the Threat Exchange > Plugin section.