Netskope Help

Configure the Carbon Black Plugin for CBC EDR in Threat Exchange
  1. Go to Threat Exchange from the Navigation Pane and then click Plugins

  2. Click the Carbon Black box to open the plugin creation pages. Note: This example assumes the existence of both Carbon Black NGAV and EDR licensing.

  3. Enter a Configuration Name for Carbon Black Cloud EDR.

  4. We do not need to adjust the polling interval for this plugin. Leave the other defaults settings.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Enter and select the Configuration Parameters on the second page:

    • Management URL: Enter your Management URL copied from the Carbon Black console when creating your API key.

    • API ID: Enter your API ID copied when creating your API key.

    • API Secret: Enter your API Secret copied when creating your API key.

    • Organization Key: Enter your Organization Key copied when creating your API key.

    • Leave the remaining defaults.

    • Scroll Down and adjust the polling to No

  7. Click Save in the top right corner. Go to Threat Exchange > Plugins to see your new Carbon Black plugin.