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Netskope Help

Configure the Interface for Dataplane On-Premises

You now have to configure two aspects of this appliance: interface configuration and DNS or proxy settings that steer cloud app traffic through the appliance.

In the sample network below, Dataplane On-Premises appliance's inbound client-facing interface is connected to the subnet. The interface configuration uses IP ranges within the subnet for accepting client traffic. The dataplane interface will be assigned the IP in the management subnet, and its outbound egress interface will be assigned the IP in the subnet


To configure the inbound and outbound (dp1 and dp2 for virtual appliance) interfaces,

  1. In configuration mode, run the following commands.

    set interface inbound ip,,,
    set interface inbound netmask
    set interface inbound gw
    set interface outbound ip
    set interface outbound netmask
    set interface outbound gw


    The inbound interface IP address can either be a full /24 block of IPs, or you can also assign non-contiguous IP addresses and IP address range. The above example shows the non-contiguous IP address and IP address range assigned for inbound.

  2. Enter save.

You can use the show command to verify the configuration.