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Netskope Help

Configure the Interface

At this point you have a valid Secure Forwarder that has an identity. You now have to configure two aspects of this virtual appliance: interface configuration and the settings required to bring up the Auth Proxy mode.

  1. Issue the following commands to configure the IP addresses of the dp2 interface:

    set interface dp2 ip <IP address> 
    set interface dp2 netmask <netmask address> 
    set interface dp2 gw <gateway address>
    set dataplane auth-proxy ssl-proxy listener-interface <interface>


    The dp2 IP listener should be the same as the dp2 IP address.

  2. Once the interface is set, run the following command to initiate a health check:

    set healthcheck enable true


    You can also use the show interface command to verify the configuration.

  3. You must save the configuration. Save the configuration using the save command, and then press Enter.