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Netskope Help

Configure the Netskope App as an Internal App

The Netskope Android app package can be uploaded and distributed using the Admin console. You can get the Netskope app package (NSClient.apk) by going to, logging in, then going to Netskope Client > Netskope Client for Android and then click NSClient.apk to save this file locally. For this procedure you'll need the Organization ID value from the Netskope UI (Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Netskope Client > MDM Distribution > Create VPN Configuration).

To deploy the Netskope app as an Internal App:

  1. In the AirWatch console, go to Apps & Books > Applications and click Add Application.

  2. Click Upload and select Local File. Select Choose File to locate the NSClient.apk file you downloaded previously, and then click Save.

  3. Click Continue and configure options on the Info tab.

  4. All fields are filled automatically except Minimum OS. The Minimum OS should be Android 4.1.0.

  5. Assign the application to Smart Groups on the Assignment tab. For Assigned Smart Groups, enter text to display a list of available Smart Groups to assign the application.

  6. Configure the deployment details of the application on the Deployment tab to control availability and configuration. Select Send Application Configuration to get to the Configure Application section:

    1. Click Add and enter User Email Address and {EmailAddress} for the Configuration Key and Configuration Value, respectively.

    2. Click Add and enter token and the <Orgkey>  (Organization ID in the Netskope UI) value for the Configuration Key and Configuration Value, respectively.

    3. Click Add and enter host and the addon-<tenant hostname> value for the Configuration Key and Configuration Value, respectively.


      For deployments with release 46 and above, use the above domain name. For deployment with release 45 and lower, use For international deployments, use ~ or ~

    4. To use the Device Classification function in Netskope, click Add and enter ns_mdm_check for the key and the value from the Netskope UI (Settings > Manage > Device Classification > Managed Config) for the Configuration Key and Configuration Value, respectively.

    This configuration is passed by AirWatch to the Netskope app after installation.

  7. Select Save & Publish to push the Internal Application to devices.

    The Published App will be available on the AirWatch app. Go to the Managed App section to install a device on the App listing.