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Netskope Help

Configure the Netskope App using the AirWatch SDK

AirWatch uses apps that are already published on Google Play, like the Netskope Cloud Director, which can be used with the AirWatch Console. For this procedure you'll need the Organization ID value from the Netskope UI (Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Netskope Client > MDM Distribution > Create VPN Configuration).

To configure the Netskope app using the AirWatch SDK:

  1. In the AirWatch Console, go to Apps & Books > Applications > Native.

  2. Select the Public tab and click Add Application.

  3. Select Android for Platform.

  4. Click Enter URL, and then enter this Netskope app Google Play Store URL ( Click Next.

  5. On the Add Application with the Netskope Cloud Director page, click Save & Assign

  6. Select the Netskope Cloud Director app, and then open the Assignment page. Assign the application to Smart Groups and complete the options. Enter text to display a list of available Smart Groups to assign the application.

  7. On the Assignment page, click Add Assignment and assign the application to Smart Groups. Under Application Configuration and configure these parameters:

    1. Click Add and enter User Email and {EmailAddress} for the Configuration Key and Configuration Value, respectively.

    2. Click Add and enter token and your <Orgkey> value (Organization ID from the Netskope UI) for the Configuration Key and Configuration Value, respectively.

    3. Click Add and enter host and the addon-<tenant hostname> value for the Configuration Key and Configuration Value, respectively.


      For deployments with release 46 and above, use the above domain name. For deployments with release 45 and lower, use For international deployments, use ~ or ~

    This configuration is passed by AirWatch to the Netskope app after installation.

  8. Click Save & Publish to push the Public Application to devices.

The Published App will be available in AirWatch after some time. Go to the Managed App section to install a device on the App listing.