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Netskope Help

Configure the STIX/TAXII Plugin
  1. In Threat Exchange, go to Settings and click Plugins.

  2. Select the GitHub plugin box to open the plugin creation pages.

  3. Enter the Basic Information on the first page:

    • Configuration Name: Enter a name appropriate for your integration.

    • Poll Interval: Adjust to environment needs. We recommend not to go below 5 minutes for production environments.

    • Aging Criteria: Leave the default.

    • Override Reputation: Leave the default.

    • Enable SSL Verification: Leave the default.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Enter the Configuration Parameters on the second page:

    • STIX/TAXII Version: Select the appropriate STIX/TAXII Version from the dropdown.

    • Discovery URL: Enter your Discovery URL obtained earlier.

    • Username and Password: Enter your Username and Password (default guest/guest in case of AlienVault).

    • Collection Names: Enter comma separated Collection Names if you need to fetch indicators from only specific collections. Leave empty to fetch indicators from all collections..

    • Initial Range: Leave the default.

    • Type of Threat Data to Pull: Leave the default.

  6. Click Save in the top right corner. Go to Threat Exchange > Plugins to see your new STIX/TAXII plugin.