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Netskope Help

Configure the upstream MTA to use Netskope headers

This section links to upstream MTA documentation. Admins should refer to this documentation after reviewing the other sections of this document such as:

After you build a policy and add a header in the Netskope environment, you must build a policy in the upstream MTA to use the Netskope header.

Follow the links below to set up the policy in those environments to use the Netskope header.

  • Microsoft

  • Gmail

  • Mimecast - If you have a Mimecast MTA, the Mimecast tenant must be moved to the Netskope umbrella account. Please reach out to Mimecast support for assistance.

If you have Proofpoint Essentials configured with a domain, then you can setup Netskope to forward SMTP traffic to the upstream MTA, Proofpoint Essentials. Follow the Proofpoint Essentials setup instructions here and then add the Netskope source IPs to a new domain in Proofpoint Essentials.

To add a new domain in Proofpoint Essentials,

  1. In the Proofpoint admin console, navigate to Administration > Account management > Domains and click New Domain.