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Netskope Help

Configure Workday

After the Workday SSO is configured in Okta, a few values need to be modified to make it work with SAML proxy.

  1. Click on the plus (+) icon underneath SAML Identity Providers to add a row, then enter the following: It is recommended to use Authentication Selector to easily manage various authentication modes. This seems to be some of the common pattern found in various customer deployments.

  2. The newly created Authentication selector can be used in creating Redirection URLs section.

  3. Provide SAML configuration with the required fields as shown:

    • Identity Provider Name: Enter Okta.

    • Issuer: Enter the Organization ID from the Netskope UI.

    • x509 Certificate: Do the following:

      1. Click the icon in the x509 Certificate field.

      2. Click Create x509 Public Key in the dialog box.

      3. In the Create x509 Public Key screen, enter a unique name for your certificate.

      4. Copy and paste the SAML proxy certificate into the Certificate field.

      5. Click OK to save your certificate and return to the Edit Tenant Setup - Security screen

  4. Save your changes.