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Netskope Help

Configure your Netskope Tenant for Cloud Threat Exchange File Hash Sharing

To share file hashes between your Netskope tenant and Threat Exchange, you need to:

  1. Create a File and Malware Detection profile in your Netskope tenant for Cloud Threat Exchange to send file hashes for use in Real-time policy.

  2. While setting up Cloud Threat Exchange for file hash sharing, you will be asked for the ‘List Name’ you previously configured in your Netskope tenant.

  3. Once you have hashes going to your Netskope tenant, you will need to build a policy to leverage this new data source. In this workflow, the filehashes will be used to enhance Netskope threat protection. However, you can also configure the plugin to push URL and/or IP addresses (individual or CIDR ranges) from CTE to a custom URL list.