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Netskope Help

Configure Zendesk for the Next Generation API Data Protection

To configure Zendesk for the Next Generation API Data Protection, follow the instructions below.


The Zendesk administrator user role is required to grant access to Netskope.

Configure Netskope to Access your Zendesk Account

To authorize Netskope to access your Zendesk account, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Netskope tenant UI: https://<tenant hostname> and go to Settings > API-enabled Protection > SaaS > Next Gen.

  2. Under Apps, select Zendesk and click Setup Zendesk Instance.

  3. Under Zendesk Domain, enter the fully-qualified Zendesk domain URL (example:

  4. Click Grant Access.

    You will be redirected to the Zendesk sign-in page.

  5. Enter the Zendesk administrator username and password.

  6. Review the permissions requested and click Allow.



    The Netskope CASB API application asks for “Read all user data” permission because Zendesk does not provide specific scope to retrieve ticket activities.

  7. After accepting the permissions, you will be redirected to the successful result page. Click Close.

Refresh your browser, and you should see a green check icon next to the instance name.

You can receive audit events and standard user behavior analytic alerts in Skope IT. To know more: Next Generation API Data Protection Skope IT Events.