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Netskope Help

Configuring your Netskope Active and Passive Auth and MEX URLs

To configure your Netskope Active Auth, Passive Auth, and MEX URLs:

  1. Use Powershell to log in to your cloud O365 instance, and then enter $cred=Get-Credential.

  2. Enter your admin credentials.

  3. Enter Connect-MsolService -Credential $cred.

  4. Depending on your auth mode, enter one of these commands:

    • Netskope_Passive_URL: $Netskope_Passive_URL = <Netskope Passive Auth URL from the Netskope UI>


      To use an endpoint URL for passive auth, refer to Configuring Passive Auth with an Endpoint URL.

    • Netskope_Active_URL: $Netskope_Active_URL = <Netskope Active Auth URL from the Netskope UI>

    • Netskope_Federation_Metadata_URL: $Netskope_Federation_Metadata_URL = <Netskope Federation Metadata URL from the Netskope UI>

  5. Enter your domain name: $dom = <domain name>.

  6. Update the Federation Settings: Set-MsolDomainFederationSettings -DomainName $dom -PassiveLogOnUri $Netskope_Passive_URL -LogOffUri $Netskope_Passive_URL - ActiveLogOnUri $Netskope_Active_URL -MetadataExchangeUri $Netskope_Federation_Metadata_URL


Netskope_Passive_URL, Netskope_Active_URL, and Netskope_Federation_Metadata_URL are generated URLs in the Netskope Admin UI.