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Netskope Help

Connecting to the MIP instance

If you have Microsoft Information Protect (MIP) running in your environment, then you can connect to your MIP instance through your Netskope tenant.


Ensure that the Microsoft account used for the grant process has global admin permissions.

  1. In the Netskope tenant, go to Settings > Manage > IRM Integration.

  2. Click the Connect Instance drop-down and click on Microsoft.

  3. In Connect IRM Instance dialog box,

    • Select the IRM Vendor as MIP.

    • Enter an instance name for your MIP instance. For example, DevOps-MIP.

    • Enter an admin email address. Provide the email address of the admin user granting the MIP instance.


      Ensure that the admin account has the Azure Information Protection Administrator and Application Administrator role at a minimum.

  4. Click Connect. The MIP instance will show up under Connected IRM Instances.


For MIP licensing information, see the Microsoft Azure documentation.