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This section of the API Data Protection Policy page specifies files, objects, and messages that trigger a policy violation.

For Google Drive, you can select one of the following options:


  • All Sharing Options: Scans all sharing options like private, public, shared internally, shared externally, and enterprise shared.

  • Specific Sharing Options: With specific sharing options, you can choose all or specific sharing types, like Private, Public, Shared Internally, Shared Externally, Enterprise Shared, or Anyone at Enterprise wirth the Link.


    • What is Enterprise Shared? Any file that is shared within the same organization but belongs to different sub-domain(s).

    • What is Anyone at Enterprise with the Link? Any file that is shared with any user within an organization but belonging to a different sub-domain(s) of an enterprise.

    • The Private and Shared Internally options are not available for Google Team Drive.

    For Public, you can select:

    • Public - Indexed and Unlisted: Any file that is shared publicly be it indexed or unlisted.

    • Public - Indexed Only: Any file that is shared publicly and searchable on Google search.

    • Public - Unlisted Only: Any file that is has a public sharing link but not listed on Google search.


    In Google Drive, files that are publicly shared may not be opened if the Google administrator has set the sharing setting to off in the Google admin console. This setting is located under Apps > Google Workspace > Drives and Docs > Sharing Settings > Sharing options > Sharing outside of <organization>. This discrepancy occurs because the Google API tags the file exposure as public, however the file has access restrictions due to the Sharing outside of <organization> setting set to off.

    For Shared Externally, you can select all or specific external domains if they have been configured for the app chosen on the instance page.

    To set thresholds for when content sharing triggers a policy violation, select Advanced Options and enter the number of internal or external collaborators that need to be detected for a policy violation to occur.


  • All File Types or Specific File Types to scan.