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This section of the API Data Protection Policy page specifies files, objects, and messages that trigger a policy violation.

For ServiceNow, click SELECT OBJECTS to select the ServiceNow tables to scan. Then, select the data type; Fields and/or Attachment. The following table lists the DLP supported fields:

ServiceNow Table

DLP Supported Fields

Best Configuration Item

All fields* for which Netskope receives an API response from ServiceNow.

Catalog Task

Change Phase

Change Request

Change Task

Feature Task

Group Approval

IMAC (Install Move And Change)


Incident Task

KB Submission



Problem Task

Release Phase


Request Item



<custom table(s) created by the user>

*It is observed that Netskope does not receive an API response from ServiceNow for Work notes and Additional comments fields. Due to this limitation, Netskope cannot perform DLP scan on these two fields.


Netskope can perform DLP scan on files attached to the ServiceNow default and custom tables listed above.