Netskope Help

Create a File Hash List

File hash lists can be used to configure blocklist and allowlist entries referenced in a custom Malware Detection profile (the current standalone File Hash List method) or in a File profile (the new method which needs to be enabled by Support in your account).

File Hash Lists support MD5 or SHA256 entries, and entries can be made manually or via a CSV file upload (8 MB limit).

Standalone File Hash List

To create a file hash list:

  1. Go to Policies > Threat Protection > File Hash Lists, and click New File Hash List.

  2. Select the type of hash to scan for (MD5 or SHA256). Either enter the file hash contents in the text field, or click Select File and upload the file hash list. When finished, click Next.

  3. Enter a name and click Save File Hash List.

  4. Click Apply Changes.

File Hash Lists in File Profiles

The File Hash List option has been added to the File Profile. For more information, refer to File Profile.


Contact Netskope Sales to enable the File Profile feature in your account.

Updating a File Hash List

The REST API can be used to add to an existing file hash list, but not create a new file hash list. For more information, refer to Update a File Hash List.