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Netskope Help

Create a File Profile in your Netskope Tenant for File Hashes

The Netskope tenant can not receive information from Threat Exchange via RESTful API commands until a file has been created in the Netskope tenant.

  1. In your Netskope tenant, go to Policies > Profiles > File.

  2. Click New File Profile

  3. Select File Hash and from the dropdown select the type(s) you are going to be sending to Netskope.


    You can select both of them in the same file name. Selecting both means Netskope will be able to leverage both kinds of file hashes sent from Threat Exchange to the same file for use in the same malware detection policy (which only supports a single custom file).

  4. Click Next

  5. Add a Profile Name and click Save


This profile name must exactly match the name you use in Threat Exchange (case-sensitive).