Netskope Private Access User Guide

Create a New Publisher

Create a publisher to deploy on your network and use with a private app. The token generated in this procedure is used to deploy the publisher, so be sure to make a copy.

  1. Go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Publishers.

  2. Click New Publisher.

  3. Enter a publisher name (like AWS US-WestWing publisher).

  4. Click Save and Continue.

  5. Click Generate Token.

  6. Click Copy to get the registration token.

  7. Click Done.

After deploying the publisher, return to the Publisher page to verify the status is Connected.


The Publishers page shows each Publisher's name, status, version, CN, and number of connected apps. To customize the columns shown on the page, click the gear icon GearIconBlue.png in the table header and check the columns you want to see. To edit the name or delete a Publisher, click the menu icon MenuIcon.png in the row a Publisher is listed.