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Netskope Help

Create a Policy User Notification

This is optional. User notifications only need to be created for block actions with a non-standard notification message.


In order to avoid application access retries triggering lots of notifications, Netskope Private Access doesn’t send block notifications for each attempt to access the blocked private app. The block notification only appears once, on the first attempt. After the Client reconnects to the NPA gateway, or the Client gets a new NPA policy, the block notification for the private app won’t appear again.

  1. Go to Policies > Templates > User Notification.

  2. Click Add Template > Private Apps.

  3. Enter these parameters:

    • Template Name: Enter a name for this type of notification.

    • Logo: Optional. To add your company logo to the notification, select Create New from the Company Logo dropdown list and click Select File. Select your logo file, and then click Upload. Choose a size, and then stripe color if desired.

    • Title: Enter a description for this notification.

    • Subtitle: Optional.

    • Message: Enter an explanation for what the user needs to know about the blocked private app.

    • Footer Message: Optional.

    • Action Button: Leave the default button label or create a new one.

  4. Click Save.