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Netskope Help

Create a Real-time Threat Protection Policy for ServiceNow
  1. In the Netskope UI, go to Policies > Real-time Protection.


    The policy configured here is just an example. Modify as appropriate for your organization.

  2. Click New Policy and select Threat Protection.

  3. For Source, leave the default (User = All Users)

  4. For Destination: select Category

  5. The Category section expands and allows you to search and select categories. Click Select All.

    When finished, click outside of the Category section.

  6. When the Activities & Constraints section opens, click Edit.

  7. Select Upload and Download, and then click Save.

  8. For Profile & Action, click in the text field.

  9. Select the Malware Detection profile you created in the previous section.

  10. For the Severity Levels, change all of the Actions settings from Action: Alert to Action: Block.

  11. Select a template to choose which block message is sent to the user.

  12. For Set Policy, enter a descriptive Policy Name.

  13. Click Save in the top right to save the policy.

  14. Choose the To the top option when it appear. (Or appropriate location in your security policy)

  15. To publish this policy into the tenant, select Apply Changes in the top right.