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Netskope Help

Create a SaaS Application Instance in the Netskope UI

After completing the instructions the previous section, you're ready to configure the Netskope SAML for a Saas application. You'll need the Okta Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL, Identity Provider Issuer URL, and certificate to complete this procedure.

  1. Log in to the Netskope UI.

  2. Go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Reverse Proxy > SAML.

  3. Click Add Account.

  4. Select an application from the App dropdown list.

  5. Enter the following values:

    1. Name: Enter a unique name for this account.

    2. ACS URL: Enter the ACS URL for your SaaS application as defined in Okta.

    3. IdP URL: Enter the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL from your SaaS application.

    4. IdP Certificate: Enter the X.509 certificate from Okta.

  6. Click Save.