Create a Top Apps by Usage Report

Create a Top Apps by Usage Report

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You can create a report that shows the most used apps in your organization. This helps you determine which apps are used the most so you can verify whether the top apps used are sanctioned or a threat to your organization.

To create a top apps by usage report:

  1. Create a new report and add a predefined chart.
  2. In the Select Predefined Chart window, select Top Apps By Usage (90 days) from the list.
  3. A graph displays on the Reports page.

    This report shows the top apps used, the total bytes transferred, the number of users for each app, and the number of sessions for the last 90 days.

  4. To change the graph format or data shown:, select the Edit icon, which opens the Edit Chart window.
  5. To change the format of the graph, click Next and on the Format page, select any format that is not grayed out.
  6. To change the data shown, click Next again and on the Values page, select the type of data to be displayed. If you can select more than one value, select a sort rule from the dropdown list.
  7. When finished, click Next and then Save Chart.

You can export this pie chart data in CSV format, and download or email this report in PDF format.

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Create a Top Apps by Usage Report

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