Netskope Help

Create Carbon Black API Credentials
  1. Log in to your Carbon Black Console.

  2. Copy the Carbon Black Console URL. You will need this when configuring the Carbon Black plugin for Cloud Threat Exchange.

  3. In the main window, go to Settings and select API Access.  Select the Access Levels  tab, and then click + Add Access Level.

  4. Enter a Name appropriate for your custom API roll.

  5. Select these scopes for access:

    • Alerts: Read

    • Custom Detections: Create, Read, Update

  6. Click Save.

  7. With th proper Scopes defined, next generate an API key with this access. Select the API Keys tab on the top of the page, and then click + Add API Key.

  8. Enter a Name and Description that is appropriate for your environment.

  9. Pull Down the Access Level type and select Custom. Select the Role defined in step 4.

  10. Click Save. Copy the API ID, API Secret Key, and Org Key. Save these values for when you configure the Carbon Black plugin.