Netskope Help

Create Custom Data Identifiers

Custom data identifiers can include keywords and regular expressions (RegEx). Regular expression syntax is nearly identical to the UNIX regular expression syntax. After you create a new data identifier, it's added to the list of Saved Identifiers for later use.

To create custom identifiers:

  1. On the Custom Rule page, enter keywords and regular expressions in the text field. For keywords, specify whether the data identifier is case sensitive or not, enter terms like Medical Record Number, and then click the plus sign icon. This term is added in the Saved Identifiers.

  2. For regular expressions, enter an expression like \b(NWH)-?[a-zA-Z]{3}-?[a-zA-Z]{3}-?\d{7}\b, and then click the plus sign icon. Click Validate RegEx, and then click Test Input to make sure the regular expression will work. Click Save to close the Validate RegEx dialog box, and then click the + button to add the identifier.


    For information about regular expression operators, quantifiers, and metacharacters refer to Building Regular Expressions. Regular expression examples are provided.

  3. When finished, click Next.