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Netskope Help

Custom Category

The custom category feature offers flexibility to supersede the predefined Netskope URL category mapping for a given URL and/or augment them by defining custom URL categories. This is helpful for situations in which the Netskope predefined URL category does not have a mapping for a URL (uncategorized). When creating a custom category, you can select a combination of predefined categories and URL lists. Netskope treats custom categories as a separate category to the predefined ones, and you must add it to an existing policy or create a new one to enforce it. You must have the Netskope Secure Web Gateway license to create custom categories.

To create a new custom category:

  1. Go to Policies > Web > Custom Categories.

  2. To add a new category, click New Custom Category. The Add Custom Category wizard displays.

  3. Search or select the category and click Next.

  4. Search for URL lists to include in the new category or click + Create New.

  5. Highlight Exclusion from the first column to search for URLs to exclude from the new category or click + Create New to add a new one for exclusion.

  6. Repeat these steps until you have included and excluded the URL lists as desired. Click Next.

  7. Type a name for your custom category.

  8. Click Save Custom Category. This newly created custom category will be available in the Categories dropdown when creating an Real-time Protection policy.