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Data Loss Prevention

DLP profiles come with a predefined set of rules for well-known compliance regulations like Payment Card Information (PCI), Protected Health Information (PHI), and Personally-Identifiable Information (PII), to name a few. You can also create custom DLP rules using a large dictionary of predefined data identifiers and custom regex expressions. The DLP engine scans file contents to identify sensitive data based on the configured policy. There is a flexible set of policy actions that can be enforced if sensitive data is identified in the content.

Before creating an Real-time Protection or API Data Protection policy that uses DLP, create a DLP profile that applies predefined or custom DLP rules. You will select a specific profile when creating a policy.

Create a DLP profile using predefined or custom DLP rules, classifiers, and fingerprint rules to test if they find the sensitive data you're trying to protect. Create a custom DLP profile when the predefined DLP profiles do not meet your requirements.