Netskope Help

Dataplane On-Premises Appliance

The appliance can act as a proxy server in your network when configured as a Dataplane On-Premises Appliance. The appliance processes requests from client machines and sends the event logs to the Netskope cloud.

Configuring the appliance as a Dataplane On-Premises Appliance involves the following steps:

You must first set the license key and point the device to the Netskope cloud. Follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the appliance console.

  2. Log into the console using the credentials nsadmin/nsappliance. Your prompt will change to the Netskope shell prompt, nsappliance.


    You can change your password by using the command, auth change-password nsadmin.

  3. At the nsappliance> prompt, enter configure to go to configuration mode.

  4. Get your license key from your Netskope tenant UI (Settings > Security Cloud Platform > On-Premises Infrastructure), and then enter this command to set the license key:

    set system licensekey <licensekey>
  5. Point this device to the management plane in the Netskope cloud using this command:

    set management-plane location cloud

    The appliance connects to the services available in the Netskope cloud using these URLs:






    For international configurations, use or


    You must configure your firewall to allow outbound access to the Netskope cloud service for the specified host names on port 443.

  6. Enter save to save the configuration.

The appliance can be setup as a forward proxy server to receive client requests to web sites. The proxy server then generates trusted certificates for those web sites, serving them up to the requesting clients to establish a trusted path.