Dataplane On-Premises Appliance

Dataplane On-Premises Appliance

The appliance can act as a proxy server in your network when configured as a Dataplane On-Premises Appliance. The appliance processes requests from client machines and sends the event logs to the Netskope cloud.

Configuring the appliance as a Dataplane On-Premises Appliance involves the following steps:

You must first set the license key and point the device to the Netskope cloud. Follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the appliance console.
  2. Log into the console using the credentials nsadmin/nsappliance. Your prompt will change to the Netskope shell prompt, nsappliance.


    You can change your password by using the command, auth change-password nsadmin.

  3. At the nsappliance> prompt, enter configure to go to configuration mode.
  4. Get your license key from your Netskope tenant UI (Settings > Security Cloud Platform > On-Premises Infrastructure), and then enter this command to set the license key:
    set system licensekey <licensekey>
  5. Enter save to save the configuration.

The appliance can be setup as a forward proxy server to receive client requests to web sites. The proxy server then generates trusted certificates for those web sites, serving them up to the requesting clients to establish a trusted path.

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Dataplane On-Premises Appliance

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