Deploy Client on macOS Using Ivanti Neurons

Deploy Client on macOS Using Ivanti Neurons

This topic describes the procedure to configure Ivanti Neurons (formerly known as MobileIron Cloud) for macOS.


  • Download Netskope Root and Intermediate certificates and convert them to .cer extension. To learn more, see Certificates.

  • Download MobileIron Packager (MIP) from the MobileIron Support portal. To install MIP, install the MobileIron Packager (MIP) app and then download the Netskope agent .pkg file. Upload the Netskope package in the tool to convert it to .mip.

    Create Script for App Deployment

    You can create your scripts in the All Scripts section. Netskope Client use the instructions held in the script to enroll the user to a device.

    Perform the following steps to create the script:

    1. Go to Admin > Scripts > All Scripts.


    2. Click Add to create the Installation Script.

    3. Enter the Script NameDescription, and select Script Type as ‘bash’.

    4. Click On Import code from script and upload the  minsclientconfiig_<version-number>.sh script.

    5. Click Add in Script Input to define the Input Environmental Variables.

    6. Provide the Environment Variable Name and Environment Default value.


      If Secure Enrollment feature is enabled, include the two additional parameters while adding the script in Environment Variable Default Value: enrollauthtoken and enrollencryptiontoken.
    7. Click Save.

    MacOS Configuration Script for Installation

    Here, you can define a configuration to distribute the script to the end-user device.

    1. Go to Configuration > Add > Search and select Mobile@Work for macOS Script.
    2. Enter Name and select your script in the Configuration Setup.
    3. After the script Execution select Execute Once On Deployment.
    4. Click Next.
    5. Select the Device/Users/Custom.

    Adding Netskope App in App Catalog

    Adding the Netskope application to Vmware Workspace ONE for deployment in the mac Device.

    1. Go to Apps > App Catalog.
    2. Click Add.
    3. Select In-house app.
    4. In the Choose section, upload .mip netskope client pkg
    5. Click Next. Ensure the file upload is successful.
    6. In the Describe section, ensure to update the Package ID when importing Packager in-house macOS apps and click Next.
    7. In the Scripts section, define or select the application scripts.
      1. Pre Install Scripts – Enter the script name to select the script to run before app installation. The preinstall scripts execute or rerun until the script execution success status is received from the client. Once the script execution is completed, the app install command is sent. You can view the script run status in the device details page in the Logs tab.
      2. Uninstall Scripts: Enter the script name that server sends to a device when it detects an app that  is no longer distributed to the device.
    8. Select the desired options in Add Screenshots, Delegate, and Distribute sections.
    9. In the App configuration section, click Install Application configuration settings and  toggle on Install on Device  and select High from the Set App install Priority dropdown menu.
    10. Click Done.

    Approve Network Extension

    System Extension configuration allows installation of extension types like Driver Extension, Network Extension and Endpoint Security Extension, without kernel-level access.

    1. Go to Configuration > Add Configuration > Search for ‘MacOS System Extensions.
    2. Under Allowed System Extensions, add Allowed Team Identifiers and Allowed System Extensions.
    3. Add Network Extension Team ID: 24W52P9M7.
    4. Click Add to add the following System Extension:
      • com.netskope.client.Netskope-Client.NetskopeClientMacAppProxy
      • com.netskope.client.Netskope-Client.NetskopeClientMacDNSProxy
    5. Also provide the same details in Remove System Extensions.
    6. Select the Allow user overrides option.
    7. Click Next.
    8. Associate to Device/Users/Custom.

    Onboarding macOS device with Ivanti Neurons

    Perform the following steps to onboard the macoS device:

    1. Click Getting Started in the Welcome email to Onboard your endpoint.
    2. Enter the Email and password.
    3. Choose one of the following options:
      • I own the Device.
      • Company owns the Device.
    4. Install the MDM Profile.
    5. Select Allow to accept the Permission to allow the Netskope Client.
    6. Verify the app installation process in the ‘install.log’ file.
    7. Enter the IDP login details such as email address.
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Deploy Client on macOS Using Ivanti Neurons

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