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Netskope Help

Deploy Netskope IoT Security physical appliance
  • Licensed Netskope IoT Security hardware appliance is bought from the Netskope marketing team.

  • An adequate cooling system is available.

  • Primary and secondary power supply is connected to the appliance.

Set up Netskope IoT Security on prem
  • Mount the Netskope IoT Security hardware appliance in the rack server and power on the appliance.

  • Connect the management ethernet cable to the “mgmt” port on the appliance.

Verification steps
  • Netskope IoT Security appliance comes pre-provisioned with the static IP address or DHCP.

  • Ping the appliance IP address from the console.

  • Login to the Netskope Iot Security appliance from the browser using link with Netskope registered email and password.


If you do not have the credentials, contact the Netskope product vendor, marketing team, or support team.


Netskope marketing link: Get Started